Friday, March 18, 2011

I quit the crack. Sort of.

I have DONE IT, YA'LL! Cue the slow clap. Since my last post at 2:13pm on Monday about how I just couldn't quit facebook despite my most gratuitous efforts, I have managed to remain OFF the FB. Each day got a little easier, and I managed to ONLY log on to my blog account to announce the new blog posts. I swear.

And I know it's only 9:30am on Friday, but I'm confident I'll be able to make it through. All it took was a little strength, perserverance, and a carton of cigarettes. I kid. I kid. Still smoke free since '93.

Annnnyways. So I have fought the power, stayed all strong and I'm feeling great! My head is slightly less cluttered, and I didn't feel like I had to refresh the page every two seconds to find out just how much jelly my best friend from elementary school likes on her PB&J.

Then yesterday comes.

I get a text from my sister asking about the details on our cousin's birthday party. What... birthday party? She tells me it's on facebook. Sonofa.

I missed something. My worst fears have come true, I have missed something. And not only that, but it's an event. That I have to RSVP to. When I get an invite to an event, the anxiety rises up in me like I'm going to spontaneously combust. It's like somebody flips an invisible hourglass and time is RUNNING OUT. Until I click that button and RSVP like the good socialite that I am.

Some people are fine with just leaving events in facebook purgatory. K is one of these people. I am SO not. I feel like if I don't respond to an event, everyone is going to hate me and I will have no friends. I straight panic. Lately, I've started replying "maybe" if I'm not entirely sure, just so that I have given some kind of answer. This seems to piss people off too.

So I had to do it. I logged on ONCE yesterday, just to reply "Yes" to the invite. I felt compelled to do it, even though I talk to my cousin regularly and could have easily just told her I was coming. But don't worry, I didn't look at ANYTHING else. Not even the little red box with the number "6" in it, showing how many people had written me messages and tried to contact me while I've been on FB hiatus. It. Was. Hard.

So despite the fact that my worst fears prevailed while I was on FB vacay and I happened to miss something that happened this week, I think the pros outweigh the cons. Maybe I can gradually step down my fb usage and just become a casual user, instead of overdosing on a daily basis. We'll see how I do next week.


  1. Okay, SIX notifications you didn't check? Now THAT is seriously impressive.

  2. I swear to sweet baby J that I didn't. It's slowly killing me.

  3. I have moments to be on FB now that Maddie is around and too small to wear in a sling. As for K and FB aversion, Jacob relies on me to tell him if there is some sort of event we need to be at because he doesn't have a FB account. Well now that I can log in every day or so to see it, I miss all sorts of things - but life does go on, as witnessed by my growing DVR!

  4. Thanks Jennie! It's good to know there is life after fb! I'm so glad to hear you and Maddie are doing great too :)