Monday, December 13, 2010

Surprise Christmas Tree!

I had (sortof) come to terms with the fact that we weren't going to get a real tree this year. I figured it only made sense, since we will only be able to enjoy it for another week before we travel to the mitten. The logical side of me recognized that it was the most practical move, yet I still couldn't help but want one, especially since this is our first Christmas living together.

But with one week left, I had accepted it. We have been caught up in the Christmas stress of shopping and packing and cleaning... it is a Santa whirlwind around here. Saturday, we spent all day shopping (complete with an unpleasant witnessing of a not-so-nice hillbilly couple who jumped the line at Walmart. You can imagine how that panned out.)

Yesterday we had a million things on our to-do list, including a trip to Advance Auto Parts. I hate Advance Auto Parts almost as much as I hate Home Depot, so when my sister's boyfriend offered to go with K instead of me, I was more than thrilled.

The boys came back home with a few bags in tow, and started to survey the living room. I sensed something was awry. K addressed my sister and I and suggested we go cut down a tree from a nearby forest. It sounded very Paul Bunyan (not to mention illegal) to me. I was also wearing my pajamas since it was Sunday, so although I wanted a real tree, the thought of laying in pine needles sweating my butt off, saw in hand didn't sound too appealing. But the boys convinced us we should go, so we put our boots on and trudged out into the front yard, only to see a beautiful green bushy tree leaning up against the front porch railing, wrapped in netting. I couldn't believe it, I looked at K and immediately started crying. It was what I had wanted so badly but thought we weren't going to get this year, and they had made it happen.

We spent the rest of the night decorating the tree and watching the Santa Clause (one of my faves), and I couldn't help but think that they say that in relationships what holds you together is your compatibility. That you are a one in a million for being a match together. And we have those times when we bicker about stupid things, it's bound to happen. But I will tell you what I have learned in this relationship: it's those little things that K does for me that make me smile and know that I will be the happiest girl for the rest of my life.

The decorated tree!


  1. (giggles) although I'm Jewish, Jacob is not & I grew up with Christmas trees. Last year was our first year in a place of our own - and Jacob surprised me when I got home from work with a tree lit up in the living room...I cried too, it was just too precious. Just hang on, enjoy the ride, and keep those smiles and laughs coming - because they truly are the best part.

  2. Thanks Jennie, that's so sweet. He is definitely a keeper :)