Friday, December 3, 2010

Facebook Stalking

Listen, I'm going to be honest with you. I have a secret obsession. (Ok, maybe it's not so secret, since I am online so much.) I LOVE facebook stalking people. I am non-discriminatory; I will stalk anyone and everyone. Lately, though, my interest has turned to people who have just gotten married, are engaged, or are having a baby. It's my weakness. I log on daily, and get SO excited when I see new photos, or a relationship status change. It's truly facebook gold. In fact, I think I'll check my news feed right after this post.

I stalked K the most when we first met; I went through his newsfeed with a fine-toothed comb; when did he become "single?" when did he change from being "in a relationship" to "it's complicated?" These are crucial snippets of information that a girl needs to know when she meets a guy. He came out clean, in case you were wondering. But I digress.

It's fabulous, because I'm at the age now where it seems like every time I log onto facebook another friend from high school is posting a YouTube video of their elaborately choreographed Chris Brown wedding aisle dance, or getting engaged, or having kids. It provides hours of entertainment once the photos and videos come out, so I love it.

Occasionally, someone will pop up in my "People You May Know" box that I recognize from high school. They are generally people that I knew from class or something else, but weren't exactly close with. I don't feel that friend requesting them is appropriate, but I click on their tiny thumbnail just to see what information pops up. And on the rare occasion that that person didn't get one of the million memos about facebook privacy settings, they leave their wall public. And I get more excited at this moment than I'd like to admit. Sometimes I even put my computer down and go refill my coffee for the excitement to come.

But my all time favorite people are those who spread their drama all over facebook. It's amazing the things that some deem appropriate to paste onto their status, or their ex-husband/wife/mother-in-law's wall. Sometimes even I'm shocked at the insults slung back and forth, or the information people forget the rest of the world can see. And it is these people that I truly love the most. I definitely understand that everyone needs attention now and then, and that we wouldn't post things publicly if we weren't looking for a response, but I think there are some things that really should remain private between two people, even if it provides me with hours of giggles. In the meantime, I'm going to keep looking forward to the intimate inside look at people's drama via facebook, and getting excited every time I see a relationship status change.

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