Friday, December 10, 2010

Price Chopper Rage

Have you ever woken up just feeling blah? I'm not even going to lie, that's how I felt this morning. I can't even explain why. Maybe it was because I woke up with toesicles outside of the warm fleece blankets, in a battle royale for cover from the cold. Or maybe it was the surprise cat vomit I found on the floor when I came downstairs. Or very possibly it could have been the fact that I am realizing how much I have to get accomplished in one week before we leave for the Mitten.

Either way, I was in an absolutely crap mood today. To make matters worse, K and I went to the Price Chopper on my lunch break to get some food for tonight, and I swear I could have punched a patron or two in the jugular. I mean, I'm talking people walking RIGHT in front of the car as we are trying to park, shopping carts scattered about like bowling pins, and people with their hazards on just stopped in the middle of the parking lot. And this was all before we even went IN. I can honestly see how people go postal during the holiday season, I really can.

Upon entering the Price Chopper, we elbowed our way to the food we needed, weaving and bobbing, sometimes bumping as we piled items high on our (hand) basket (singular.) We really should have gotten a rolling cart; we highly underestimated the amount of things we were going to be purchasing. So we found ourselves basically running through the PC, items bundled high in our arms, until we made it to the U-Scan with FAR more than 15 items, (I hate to be that guy, but today I just didn't care.) After a few mishaps with barcodes not scanning, we made it out of there alive.

I've had a few hours to process and digest this disaster of a day, and I've decided to reframe it. I am very much looking forward to the dinner party tonight with our good friends M&M, and I am going to just pretend like the first part of my day never happened. I can't wait to relax, have some good food, and catch up with everyone. These are the things I truly love about the holidays, and I'm not about to let cold toes and a few Price Chopper battle wounds hinder my weekend.

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