Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hair cuts are terrifying.

Hair cuts are terrifying. If you are anything like me, when you are sitting in that chair watching the woman behind you approach your carefully preserved locks with that sharp pair of scissors and a black comb, you start sweating. Because of this, I always choose my haircut outfits accordingly. No shirts too short, because it will inevitably ride up on my back, leaving skin exposed through that open section of the chair. No hoods, no shorts, (otherwise you're never getting OUT of that leather chair) and long sleeves so I have something to clutch onto when I see her cut those initial inches off and I get scared.

Now you would THINK that I've got the haircut thing down. In high school, I had a pixie cut. That's right kids... a bonafied pixie cut. Hey, it was cool back in the day, okay? But now, I've started to grow it out pretty long (meaning I slam it in the car door and get it caught in my armpit.) I like it long, but the other day when I trapped myself in bed by pinning my hair to the pillow with my elbow and couldn't get up, I decided it was a safety hazard.

It doesn't matter how long I go between haircuts, I always get nervous. I can't tell you why, I haven't had a traumatizing hair experience of any kind, but I suppose it really is the first thing people notice about you. And part of me is terrified that the stylist is going to get caught up in her chatter about how loud the Christmas music is, and accidentally lop my locks into a mohawk.

My other fear was this: I live in a small town. Now, I know I'm judging here, but I've grown accustomed to fancy salons (since I only go once in a blue moon), and I was a little scared to try a new place (next to the PriceChopper in a plaza, no less.) My sister and I went in beforehand to scope it out and determined it was less Fantastic Sams and more salon than we originally thought. But let me tell you, she did an awesome job. She totally blew me and my prejudgments about small town hair stylists away. Right off the bat, she knew my blonde streak was natural (the last stylist in my "fancy salon" thought I dyed it. Come on people.) She walked me through each step in the process, and cut each layer with precision. I was impressed, and I will definitely go back there. The other thing I liked is that she didn't try to sell me the products. Now I know this is part of any stylist's job, but let's be honest here, I'm not about to spend $50 on hair products that I could get at Walmart. So I appreciated that she was honest with me and didn't try to push. And because the place was a smaller salon in a small town, the prices were totally reasonable, and I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for my new cut.

So I woke up this morning with a great (and inexpensive) haircut, and all prenotions I had about small town salons pushed aside. My advice to anyone is to check out those small salons, they do a great job. And also don't forget to wear your Mom jeans and a long hoodless sweatshirt so your plumber doesn't show through that hole in the leather chair.


  1. I always plan my outfit out, too, because you don't want a shirt that will catch the hair clippings! Plus, all the stylists at my salon dress super cute so I always try to wear my trendy clothes so they won't judge me.

    Also, when you're sitting in the chair, there is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you realize your stylist is cutting your hair shorter than you thought she would. So I totally get your fear! (P.S. You rocked the pixie cut in high school, I was always so jealous that you could pull it off!)

  2. Thanks Katie! That is so sweet of you to say. And I TOTALLY agree about them cutting your hair too short. Then you spend the rest of the time watching them like a hawk and cringing every time they cut more off! It's awful.

  3. never want the plumber showing.. could you imagine if you had your cut hair stuck there hahahahahhhahaha WORST PICTURE EVER!

  4. I hate, and I mean hate, letting people cut my hair. I think it is a trust issue for me. I have had some bad experiences with Supercuts. I have gone to a really nice "salon" before and paid quite a bit for a haircut. The quality and style was fantastic! However at $40 a pop, I will deal with shaving my head for free in my bathroom!

  5. Matty I TOTALLY agree; I was a little weary about the small town salon but it was really decent! And not a bad price. I'll tell you that if I could cut my own hair I totally would. JS.