Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Paper Chain

It's time. I have one more night to accomplish the rest of my shopping, and we leave tomorrow. No more links left on my Santa paper chain. No more squares to cross off the cat calendar. No more time to make to-do lists or brainstorm. It is go time, and I am officially freaking out.

I have to pack, buy (then wrap) Christmas presents, try to relax long enough to sleep tonight, then get us to the airport tomorrow. I just hope they allow me to bring a paper bag onto the plane, so I'm prepared when I can't decide if I'm going to hyperventilate or throw up.

I have been contemplating all day whether I want to pay an extra $23 to check a bag on the plane, rather than try to carry on all of my belongings like I normally do. I think it might be fruitful this trip, because we'll be coming home with whatever Santa decides to drop by the mitten state for us good boys and girls. If it's coal, I hope it passes through the metal detector.

So I bid you all adieu, and wish you a most wonderful holiday season with your families. I hope you all make it through alive, and don't end up in a straight jacket with all that you have to accomplish. And just remember--Santa makes that list and checks it twice, so let's just hope he wasn't paying attention that time I threw a tantrum that US Weekly was a few days late.

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

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  1. I hope you have a great trip Staci! I just got to catch up on your blog because I've been without my computer. I'm lovin it. XOXO