Friday, April 22, 2011

a good Man seek a tender girl

People--I have excellent news. It only took five years, but my college finally found me the man of my dreams. His name is Max, and he is from China. He is looking for a girl who is tender, slender and enjoy life.

Here is his email to me: "hi, I'm Max and looking forward to meeting you soon."

So naturally, I had to look up my ancient password to this site and take a look at Max's online profile:

Viewing Dating Profile for Max:
Age: 28
Sex: Male
SexPref: Straight
Height: 5.7
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

a good Man seek a tender girl
i'am from China, i like reading, music, tennis and travel. i'm looking for a girl who is tender , slender and enjoy life.

Max, you seem like a lovely guy. I'm not sure how you got my new email since I've been out of college so long that my ".edu" address is invalid, but I'm sure glad you did.

I'm flattered that our obviously shared interests of "reading, music, tennis and travel" drew you to my profile, and I'm more impressed than creeped out by the fact that you are so confident this one-sided email exchange went so well that you will be meeting me soon.

I am not sure if the dating service informed you of this, but I happen to have moved several states away in the five years since I graduated, and I'm just not sure I'm in a position to pursue a long distance relationship.

But seriously Max, good luck with finding your tender, slender soulmate--I'm sure she's out there waiting to play a round of tennis and travel the world with you.



  1. OMG!!!!! Almost falling out of my chair laughing!!!
    girl!!!! love it. ; )

  2. Haha! Imagine how I felt READING it! I even read it aloud to K. He needs to know what his competition is.