Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring Break '98

Okay, so this weekend my aunt and uncle were SO incredibly kind and drove a moving van full of my sister's stuff all the way from Michigan so she and her bf can move into their new apartment, and sleep on something other than an aerobed. What I didn't know was that tucked in between the tupperware and towels was a secret timecapsule back to 1998. (Thanks Mom!)

My mom had sent boxes of goodies with my photo albums, my high school diploma, and secret photos from spring break with my high school girlfriends that I thought had been (or SHOULD have been) lost forever. There were also my baby books, and some other dusty artifacts from the early 80's that I got a good laugh out of. I thought you would too. So on this snowy Tuesday, let this blast from the past warm your soul, and make you want to get out your scrunchies and put your hair in a side pony. You're all welcome.

My first Christmas, back in 1985... look at that tinsel!
To Santa Clas.

Drawing I sent to Santa. See, I was an artist even at 5.
First grade. Check out that hot pink side pony!

Eighth grade. I can't believe I'm even sharing this. The photographer made me laugh mid-shot, okay?


  1. I can NOT believe you posted that last one. I'm glad my baby book stayed nice and safe in my own home. You keep away.

  2. I can't really believe I posted it either. But it's theraputic, sharing your traumatizing years, right?? Plus it's good for a laugh!

  3. I have that exact same pink outfit from your first grade picture! I used to LOVE it!

  4. Haha! If only we had known each other, we could have worn them on the same day!