Tuesday, February 15, 2011


K got me the best birthday present EVER this year. They are called Bear Hands, and they are like grown up mittens that instantly transform you into a bear.

The instant you put them on, you start growling and pawing people. Lucky for us, we went to a parade the day that he gave them to me, and we high fived EVERYONE. For serious. I'm already obsessed with high fives, and fleece mittens that look like bear paws just make you want to slap everyone you see.

I like to play a fun game called "What can I do with my Bear Hands?" And so far the list is thus:
1.) Drink pop.
High FIVE.
2.) Make my kitties want to bite me when I chase them around the house with them on.
3.) Wtyire as blpg (write a blog.)
4.) Navigate my way through an ice castle.
5.) Pretend I'm a zombie bear, groan and wander around the house in a zombie-like state.
6.) Build a snowman.
7.) Be awesome.

I plan on adding to the list, but that's all I've attempted for now.  The level of excitement I feel when I put on these mittens is further evidence that contrary to outer appearances, I am a 5-year-old in a 27-year-old's body.

Look, Ma-- BEAR HANDS.

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