Monday, March 5, 2012


Last Sunday, one of our cars broke down. On Wednesday, the heat went out in the house. And on Friday, the TV exploded.

I have been carless for a week and a half, working at the kitchen table wearing two sweaters, a flannel, and a scarf, and unable to watch Dawson's Creek.

Which is why at 2pm yesterday, in the middle of Sears, I uttered the following words that most boyfriends only dream about:

"Pick out a new TV. Whichever one you want."

I didn't give a fuck. I just wanted to watch Pacey and Joey make out.

Baby Samuel's first car ride home.
And yes, K buckled him in.
2 hours later (I kid you not) we were driving home with Baby Samuel in the backseat. K said we could call him Sammy, but I told him he was a fancy TV and deserved to have a proper name.

We had checked 4 different stores, made our assessments and agreed on a reasonably priced TV that is really quite nice.

And so, though I am still carless, K fixed the heat, and I can watch Real Housewives of BH in HD and see who really has had the most work done.

Fucking SCORE.


  1. SCORE SCORE!!!! A NEW TV!!!

    That's so exciting. I remember when I first got my TV. Watching a show in HD is an experience akin to an orgasm. Okay, maybe not that serious. But you get my point.

    And I was watching my real housewives trash this weekend. The best show on TV, right there. Especially those orange county messes.

  2. Yay to a new TV!!! I mean, you can't leave me watching the horrific fashions of Dawson's Creek all on my own... ;)

  3. Thanks ladies! It has definitely been an exciting new addition. B, I LOVE those orange county messes. And Melbourne, I would NEVER leave you alone to experience Dawson's on your own! I just cracked into season 5, at least the outfits are SLIGHTLY better...

  4. Girl, I know how harsh a life can be without a TV. Sadly, my broken TV debacle was totally my fault. I might have (accidently) thrown the remote through the screen. Might have. On accident.

  5. Haha! Oh, Rach thanks for understanding my pain! And I'm here most of the time by myself, too, so unless I have a little Pacey and Joey action to brighten my day, it's very quiet!

  6. Samuel, I like it! Proper name for a posh TV. HD is so weird when you see it the first time, I am not sure I really want to see that much detail!!

  7. Poke, I couldn't agree more! Dawson and Joey never looked so crisp. But everything almost looks like reality TV, it's so strange. Even K said he has to adjust to playing Call of Duty on it. I'm not complaining though!

  8. And the moral of this post is that I should be watching more Dawson's Creek.

  9. It sure IS, Lor. The awful 90s attire alone will brighten your life, I PROMISE YOU.