Friday, September 23, 2011

Police Blotter Friday: Ninja Skinny Dip

September 17th: After hearing noises during the night and finding an unfamiliar pair of shoes near her hot tub in the morning, a woman on Spring Creek Drive suspected someone had used her hot tub while she was sleeping. 

Dear Hot Tub Ninja,

I understand that everybody needs to take a dip now and then. You were probably out for a midnight stroll, spotted the beam of light reflecting off of a stranger's hot tub, and thought you'd jump in and warm up for a bit. I'm curious why the woman who owned the hot tub didn't come outside and check what the noises were when she heard them, but you were probably just splashing around and accidentally turned on the jets. When you were done with your soak, you threw your shorts back on and went on your merry way. But you forgot one thing: your shoes. How did you not notice you weren't wearing them as you made your ninja escape? I mean, I would imagine your feet were pretty pruney once you got out of the tub, and probably more sensitive than usual as you continued your walk down the street. Or maybe you were wearing those freaky shoes that have toes, which don't feel like you're wearing anything at all, so you didn't notice the difference. Either way, nice job leaving a souvenir behind. You're like the Tommy Boy of ninjas, and if I were your ninja master, I'd revoke your purple belt. I hope you enjoyed your tub experience and good luck with the rest of your career. 


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