Friday, August 26, 2011

Put it on my tab.

When K travels for work, I have to figure out how to do shiz by myself. Like cook, shovel snow, and mow the lawn.

It's a sweaty, time-consuming job, but I thought I'd do K a solid and surprise him when he came home to a well-groomed grassy knoll. (Thatswhatshesaid)

I mowed the front lawn with little to no complication; circling the brick island in the middle of the yard with master precision. The lines may have been a little crooked, but at least the grass was cut.

The back yard was another story.

I did a precursory loop around the yard, outlining the surrounding lilac bushes. I was about to make my second orbit when suddenly a metal piece broke off, and the wheel flew right off the GD mower.


The list of shit I've broken since I moved in is thus:
- End table (fell and took a big chunk out of the kitchen island drywall)
- Closet door (fell off and took a big chunk out of the drywall)
- Coffee maker (juuuuust stopped working)
- Coffee mug
- Dinner plate
- Pan, when I burned chocolate to the bottom while watching gilmore girls
- Dishwasher (the spinny thing broke when I piled the dishes too high)
- Annnnnd lawn mower

Juuuust put it on my tab.


  1. Don't forget the chair you brought that almost killed k's brother. I mean, you didn't break it, but you brought that deathtrap into the house.

  2. How does one see a lawn mower break coming?? Kudos to you for trying and K will still see the front lawn when he gets home :)

  3. Thanks ladies! Sandra, that chair was a deathtrap all on it's own. And Morgane, I must say that he did appreciate the front lawn, and has since fixed the mower!