Friday, August 5, 2011

Million Dollar Enchiladas

After a long week of entertaining houseguests, my sister and Johnny Bananas decided to order in from the new Mexican place instead of cooking. Even Betty Crocker needs a day off, right?

After a grueling half hour of deciding whether they wanted to go chimichanga or hot tamale, JB went into the other room to place the order.

Time ticks by slowly when you're salivating at the mouth. My sister wondered where the hell JB had gone. To spy on the hog through the bathroom window? Maybe he fell in the toilet?

Finally, he bounced back into the room, declaring that he had placed the order. My sister asked why it took so long. 

He couldn't decide on just one item, so he got a few things they could share. The list entailed:
- Guacamole and chips
- 2 chicken burritos
- 1 veggie burrito
- 2 enchiladas
- 1 taco order

Holy hell. How much was this going to cost?? They decided it was too late to cancel the order, so they'd just find out when they got there.

When they arrived to pick up the order, the lady behind the counter grinned Grinchily at the two of them. "Wow! This is the biggest take-out order we've had yet!" She declared.

Uneasily, JB took the oversized box from her arms, and they awaited their fate. She read the total, and the box shook as he fished out his wallet to pay his penance.

ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. $100.12, to be exact.

Turns out, each of the items they ordered came as a meal. Which left them with 6 sides of rice and beans.

They didn't have the heart to tell her it was only for two people.

Looks like they'll be having Mexican for breakfast and lunch, too. For the rest of the summer.

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