Monday, August 1, 2011

How the mighty have fallen (off their pedestals)

Oh, the irony. Mr. To-Catch-A-Predator himself has been caught in a scandal all his own. Except nobody is confronting him in the kitchen with a plate full of cookies, three cameras, and an underaged decoy in the back room.

Chris Hansen was allegedly caught cheating on his wife in a sexting scandal with a fellow news anchor.

Haven't we learned anything from the scumbags we've been accosting all these years? Not that pedophilia is the same as a consensual adult relationship, but I'm just sayin'. It's like Joey Greco getting caught cheating on his wife.

We want to see the naughty pics, Chris. And if you're lucky, when you run out the back door, we'll have a gaggle of police officers tackle you to the cement for adultery.

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