Monday, May 9, 2011

Who wants a swirly?

I have a long and expensive history of giving my phones a bath at highly inconvenient times. This weekend was no exception.

Waiting for K to text me on his way home from work, I kept my phone close to my ass--tucked deep in the back pocket of my jeans. Two glasses of wine and some hilarious conversation with some awesome ladies later, and of course I forgot it was back there.

I went to go to the bathroom (this was pre-pee, I promise) and suddenly I heard a gentle PLOP and a splash.

I realized right away what I had done, but instead of turning around in a hurry (thanks, delicious wine, for slowing my reflexes) I said (out loud) "ohhh... NOOOO," and turned around in slow motion to survey the damage.

Luckily, my brother in law works for AT&T and was quick as lightning to open up the phone and do cellular CPR. He reported back that it didn't appear to have any damage, but if I should notice anything to give him a call.

This wasn't the first time I gave my phone a bath, and I'm sure it won't be the last. But I guess the only thing truly hurt that night was my pride.

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