Friday, January 13, 2012

WTF is wrong with my scarf?

I'm trying REALLY, really hard to be a grown up. I turn 28 in less than a month. It's bad enough that I sleep with a pink gingham pillow every night like a toddler and have an extensive carebear collection. I figure when you approach the age where you could BE somebody's mother, you should probably act like a adult yourself. Right? So to increase my maturity level, I have to make up for the food fight I had with myself at the last wedding.

My Christmas gift from my BFF K-dub!
So I took up knitting. My BFF K-dub sent me a beginner's knitting kit for Christmas because she knew I wanted to learn, and it totally worked!

Because obviously, knitting = grownup. You see the logic there?

Soo I've been knitting my face off since I got it, and yesterday I finished my first scarf.

But there is a problem. Why the fuck is it shaped like the state of Florida?

Whomp, whomp.

I ALSO completed this lovely coaster that is comparable to the macaroni crafts that 5-year-olds bring home from daycare:

A coaster.
Obviously, this whole becoming an adult thing is going swimmingly. At least my new addiction to Pinterest has me learning to cook and sew. I'll be a grownup yet, just you wait and see... *shakes fist with menacing frown*


  1. Pinterest is running my life. I've printed off so many recipes and wanted to start so many hobbies it's not even funny. Good luck! It's a start towards adulthood.

  2. Haha, thanks KG! Pinterest is seriously my newest addiction. It has single-handedly made me want to learn how to cook, sew, and do other adulty craft stuff.

  3. Pinterester checking in on my birthday.

    I would LOVE love love it if you were to make me something in the shape of a bladder or a heart. Just saying.

    With time you'll get better at your craft. For now, just pin with me!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, B! Thanks for blazing the trail into the 28th year for both of us. Hope you have the best of birthdays!! And I will definitely continue with the pinning... it has changed my life. Much like Maury. PS: I made K a camo heart shaped pillow for Christmas. It only took me 2 dry runs before I made one symmetrical enough to be called a heart. Score!

  5. Hahahahaha, oh man, that's awesome. If it makes you feel any better, I have terrible follow through on crafting/sewing projects. I started knitting a cushion cover (!!) when I was ten. I've done about three squares and I'll be 29 in April. I also have a cross stitch that I started in 1996 that's about 3 hours work away from being finished. But I'm lazy, so it sits in my room gathering dust.

    Also? I'm pretty sure Pinterest has invaded my brain and is squatting in there like a little parasite...

  6. WOW on the knitting. I'm sure that is exactly what I would produce if I were teachable enough to be shown how to do it. Love the florida shaped scarf.

    Aaaaand I have definitely not followed through on a single thing I've found on pinterest... Though it definitely contributes to my delusions of becoming an adult someday as well. I'll keep trying if you keep trying.

  7. oh dear, this always happens to me too, I just started recently knitting...a straight line is hard to do....also i may have bend my knitting needles :(

  8. Melbourne, I can't wait to see that cushion cover when you finally finish it! Put that shit on your bucket list, girl. Lauren, it's definitely a deal. I'll try to make more state-inspired scarves for your entertainment and look forward to your creations too :) And Poke, it sounds like you and I are in the same boat--maybe we should go into misshapen scarf business together!

  9. Been there girl, been there. Knitting is tough at first, but gets easier! I have like 150 shabby ass "pot holders", which each started as a scarf but got seriously effed up. Good luck!

  10. Haha... Rach, that's funny because I have SEVERAL sitting around my house right now. One I filled with catnip and fashioned into a cat toy.