Friday, July 15, 2011

Smug cable bastards with their Britney headsets

I got the cable bill this month and it went up $60. SIXTY EFFING DOLLARS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! We don't even use the home phone. In fact, it's the spam number I give out when I enter contests and shiz.

So needless to say, I was pretty irate when I got the letter in the mail.

I'm an independent woman, okay? Really, I am. I've lived by myself, I fully support myself, and I even know how to use a hammer. (Sortof.)

But there are just some things that I have to admit I REALLY love having a bf for. Besides the obvious things, like coaching me when my car is on fire.

K graciously offered to call for me, and I eagerly accepted. I HATE negotiating with those smug bastards in their Britney headsets, tiptoeing around the condescending tones.

Seriously... I know your job sucks, but go eff yourself.


K called and was able to successfully (and very calmly, might I add--calmer than I was actually hoping for. I wanted ANGER, people!) negotiate our bill down from a $60 increase to a $6 increase. SCORE!

So yeah, I really appreciate when he does that shiz for me. Because I just hate calling. I get all sweaty and red and pissed, and tomato face just does NOT look good on me.


  1. what the shit. why the increase?

  2. our "new customer discount" had ended. such crap!