Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amazon thinks I need a therapist.

This is the last time I buy used books on Amazon. They're starting to judge me.

A few months ago my sister gave me a book titled "Codependent No More" from her grad school stash. I scoffed at the title, and wanted to punch her in the face a little for thinking that I was so fucked up that I needed a self-help book.

But I guess she knows better than anyone how fucked up I actually am, because she is my therapist. (I pay her in high fives.)

So I reluctantly began to read it. I sped through it in about a week, and fell in love with the author. This book changed my life. For reals. I was craving more inspiring thoughts, so I decided to go on Amazon to buy some more love.

Obvs, the used books were cheaper, so I went nuts and got three (Hello, they were 22 cents apiece! Plus shipping, of course.) Two of the books arrived judgment-free. The third came with this business card taped to the cover:

I'm not sure who Margaret is or how she knows about my Amazon purchase. Does she run the bookstore that I made the purchase from? Is she psychic? I'm not sure why she thinks I would choose a therapist based out of Chicago, since I am in New York. What must she think of my book choice that she took the bold step to adhere her business card to the cover with packing tape like a billboard for crazy people? Thanks for the concern about my self-help book shopping bonanza, Margaret, but I prefer my reading material sans propaganda.


  1. Hahahaha! It looks even more hilarious than it sounded. Maybe Margaret isn't doing so well in the business. LOL

  2. I mean... I guess it's a good way to try and drum up new crazies--I mean business.

  3. Hysterical!! I just blogged about you on Adultlescence...

  4. Thanks so much for the shoutout, Erin! And for any of my loyal followers who haven't checked out her site, you'll love it: