Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top 5 Shows from the 90's - Oldies but Goodies

There is nothing that I love more than hearing that famous line from the man who never seems to age... "You are NOT the father." Chairs are scooted across the stage from each other, shoes are sometimes thrown, but Maury stays the same. In a chaotic world of hundreds of channels, I find myself going back to the shows that bring me so much joy: shows from the 90's. Here are 5 of my favorites:

1.) Maury.
Maury never seems to age. He does the same shows over and over again (Jenny Jones, anyone??) but somehow survives the tsunami that has been reality TV. As the old saying goes: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." And that seems to be the case with our wrinkled old friend, the bearer of paternity results worldwide. There is comfort in repetition, and I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see "Your Twin Brother is the Father of Our Baby" on the guide channel.

2.) America's Funniest Home Videos.
Sure, I miss Bob Saget. He was corny, he made me cringe with every poorly written line, but he was Danny Tanner, and he had charisma. Tom Bergeron is like a comforting father figure, though, and he introduces the clips with the vigor that Bob never had. There's just something about the video montages that makes me pee my pants like no other show has EVER been able to do. Yesterday, my sister and I watched fifteen people take face plants off of diving boards and test out dog shock collars on their own necks, and I laughed straight through the commercial break.
Joey Greco: bettering mankind, one cheater at a time.

3.) Cheaters.
Joey Greco never goes out of style. He is a man scorned, exploiting the pain of cheating victims everywhere to better mankind. There's something about being inside that van, on the way to the cheater's house, seeing their blurred out private parts through the window in nightvision that warms the soul. It's good to know there's justice out there for people whose husbands are sleeping with the babysitter.

4.) Roseanne.
Roseanne never fails to make me feel connected to the midwest working man. Her down-to-earth ways, family troubles, and groundbreaking lesbian kisses have been a friend to my television for many years. We followed her through the ups and downs of marriage, two Beckys, David and Darlene, Dan's infidelity, then the winning of the lottery (which turned out to be a dream anyways, way to dissapoint us, writers), and she will forever remain a solid late-night fallback show to lull me to sleep.

5.) COPS.
The first REAL reality TV, COPS really is the pioneer of the Jersey Shore movement. Capturing the incriminating actions of criminals across America, COPS introduced a new level of television yet unmatched by current shows. The Dash Cam gave us an inside look into the police world: hilarious field sobriety epic fails, high speed chases, and jaw-dropping white trash fashion shows.

These are the shows that I am not ashamed to admit I turn back to, day after day, to keep me company and remind me that some people just should not breed.

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  1. Cheaters and Cops were my fav' since they don't show new episodes of Cops..I watch the Police Women on TLC..very entertaining at some of the stuff people do and get in trouble!

    Newest follower! Happy Blogging!