Friday, January 21, 2011

Empty Nest

Well, it has finally happened, guys. My little birdies have flown the nest. After 3 months of staying with us, my sister and her boyfriend found a place of their own. Now that they are both grown ups with awesome jobs, they have moved about an hour away to be closer to work. And I am SO incredibly happy for them to have their own place, but I miss them. A lot.

For one, my sister is a master chef and cooked us dinner all the time. I'll admit it, I got a little spoiled. Now, (when K isn't here--because he cooks amazing meals for me when he is) I'll have to go back to macaroni and cheese and Hot Pockets for dinner.

And as much as I enjoy my solitude, I will CERTAINLY miss having people here when K is traveling for work to enjoy my trashy reality TV with. Yelling at Amber Portwood on Teen Mom is just not the same when nobody is around to hear your screams. And who will get up from the couch to retrieve my slippers when I throw them at the TV?

But, I must say--after almost 5 years of living in different states, I am SO thankful to have them so close to me. They are both family, and having them here makes my life in NY even more awesome. Plus, when K got home last night, he got me some gorgeous flowers because he knew I was down. And the kitties have been extra snuggly too. I am such a lucky girl :)

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