Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Our back porch, covered in snow
Our back deck, covered in snow
I remember sitting on the couch next to my sister, 6am, half ready for school (just in case), watching the scrollbar on the bottom of the news read off the names of the schools closed for snow. I'd clutch my bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, anxiously scooping the squares into my mouth so they wouldn't get mushy, eyes locked on the TV. When I saw Liv Public Schools pop up, (on the rare occasion it did; kids these days get snow days all the TIME it seems) I'd leap off the couch, smash my cereal bowl against the wall and cartwheel through the living room. (Okay, not so much with the bowl and the cartwheels, but you get my point.) And it turns out--snow days are just as exciting when you're a grown up.

I don't know where you live in the world, but if you're anywhere within a three-state radius of New York, you got pummeled with snow today. I woke up to a winter wonderland of epic proportions, snow falling at an amazing rate. Now I work from home, but I sat alongside my sister and boyfriend today watching those school closings with the same excitement I had back in middle school. (Minus the CTC--grown ups have to eat boring things like bran flakes and bananas. Yuck.) And when we saw the school district that my sister works in scroll up on the TV, we high fived like we had just won the lottery.

The snow has been falling all morning, and both my sister and K got snow days! And I don't know about you, but I just can't seem to fight the urge to put five hefty bags on over my clothes in lieu of a snowsuit and go roll around in the snow.


  1. i want a snow day!!! hahaahah. I totally remember watching the screen for Livonia Public Schools----we NEVER had enough snow days. There would be 12 inches and there my mom and I would go on our way down Ann Arbor Trail trying to make it to Webster in time because the freeway was so bad. Now, I'll never get a snow day!! hahaha

  2. Haha, I know! We never closed back in the day! Now it seems they close schools so easily. I'm jealous!

  3. Schools do close more easily these days! Remember how it was more likely that hell would freeze over sooner than we'd get 2 snow days in a row? Well there's already been 2 consecutive snow days in my school districts this year! But yeah, it never occurred to me that our teachers (grown adults) would possibly be even more excited about snow days than us students until I grew into an adult myself!

  4. LOL. I LOVE YOUR BLOG STACI. and FYI, I still eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch! I have a box of it open on my counter right now! You don't HAVE to eat like a grown up. Be a kid for breakfast! LOVE YA