Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Freebie List

Ross and Rachel had one (Sting, anyone?) and Rihanna and Katy Perry were named "Most Cheat-Worthy" for appearing on the most lists. Come on, girls... you know you have a "Freebie List" of celebs that you'd flirt up even if you and your guy are happy as clams. It's written in our DNA to be attracted to hottie potatties (and for some, in our prenuptial agreements.)

I think K's list would be as follows (and I plan on checking with him to see if I'm right.)
Totally Clueless.
1. Stacey Dash (little known fact: he LOVED her in Clueless.)
2. Mariah Carey (hell, she'd be on both of our lists.)
3. Kat Von D (he strikes me as the type who might like a tatted up chick. Don't ask me why.)
4. Zooey Deschanel (funny and TOTALLY cute.)
5. Megan Fox (he likes 'em sassy--otherwise he wouldn't be with me.)

Now for my list, in no particular order of sexworthiness:
1. Jason Statham (I like my men like I like my coffee: English, balding, and fully armed.)

2. Joshua Jackson (Pacey Witter will long live in my heart as the one who got away.)

3. Seth Rogan (hilarious AND cute, I once had a dream that we got married.)

Mulder, you can abduct me anytime.
4. Ben Lyons (You know what? Don't even ask me why. I can't even remember where I saw him first, but I know it was before Whitney Port started dating him. He strikes me as cute, and he's kindof a nobody so the chances are higher.)
5. Jeremy Piven (who WOULDN'T want to sleep with Ari Gold?)

6. Mulder David Duchovny (even though we're totally in a fight since I just got to Season 9 in X Files and he is fucking MIA.)

So there you have it folks. Now let's hear it... who is on YOUR list?


  1. I'm a girl, but I'd totes do Stacy Dash. She's absolutely beautiful.

    As for me: MOOAARRR Jason Statham. Remember when he kicked in the door in the first movie? That was hot.

  2. B, I agree completely. Stacey Dash is hot with or without Donald Faison. Preferably without. And kicking doors is definitely hot. Also, robbing banks, and receding hairlines.

  3. Oh, God. Jason Statham as Handsome Rob in the Italian Job. GENIUS.

    Ahem. My list? David Tennant, Richard Armitage and Jake Gyllenhaal. Rawr.

  4. Haha my husband and I totally have lists, although I had to force his out of him. I have a terribly long list, but here's a few:
    Craig Ferguson (funny AND sexy)
    Gibbs (aka Mark Harmon)
    Ryan Reynolds
    Johnny Depp
    Patrick Dempsey
    Justin Timberlake (even though he's a player)
    Ian Somerhalder (YES MA'AM)

    All I could get out of him are Ashley Judd, Kate Beckinsale and Lady GaGa (yep, hubs is a FREAK).

    Great list!

  5. Ooh, Melbourne... Jake Gyllenhaal. Good one. Remember when he dated Taylor Swift for a minute? And Bea, I COMPLETELY forgot about Ryan Reynolds. Definitely adding him to my list. And you know what, I actually get Lady Gaga... purely for the curiosity. Would she make you wear a meat dress to bed??

  6. I used to do this on Wednesdays on the radio show I used to do, but I called it a "hump list" because of hump day. Anyway...I always find it funny that when people look at some of the people on my list they're like...umm..eeww! And I feel the same way about some of theirs and then there are the ones we all agree on. Haha!'s my list, keeping in mind that it changes regularly. Hahaha!

    1. Rob Zombie (music & cinema genius and really nice too!)
    2. Keith Urban ( an accent!)
    3. Hugh Jackman (I don't think that needs any explanation really.)
    4. Matthew McConaughey (a Texan and that body and that smile...rawr!)
    5. Nikki Sixx (the man came back from the dead. Plus...he has amazing hair and ink!)

    I wish I could add to my list :( Oh well, they'll have to do for now. Haha!

  7. Oh and the husband's list? Well, his has changed a bit, but I think you'll see a pattern in the type he likes.

    1. Beyonce
    2. Fergie
    3. Salma Hayak
    4. Sophia Vergara
    5. Jennifer Lopez

    Vavava Voom much? Ha! Thank God he likes 'em voluptuous and umm...well endowed? I'm not as thin or in as good shape as these lovely ladies, but I got the goods on the top shelf! Woohoo!

  8. Mrs. O, I love that your list has a little 'edge' to it! And thank God for men who enjoy us girls with a little badonkadonk, right?!

  9. Thank you, thank you. Yes, I'm soooooo glad that he's all about the curves. Phew!