Thursday, February 16, 2012

Facebook is heroin for my soul

Your drug is my love, Mark.
Some drink, some light crack pipes in darkened alleyways, and some eat themselves to death. I lose myself in status updates.

I first realized it back when I took a Facebook hiatus. I spend most of my days in a fog, blurry and unfocused, stressed, forgetting to eat, my mind whirls so fast.

I sit for hours engulfed in the ongoings of celebrities and people I knew 10 years ago, Maury on simultaneously, not knowing what time or day it is, or what I was in the middle of doing before my binge. It's a high, an escape from real life. I feel safe, mindless while I do it, and suddenly I'll realize hours have gone by and I feel exhausted, confused, my mind spinning.

Facebook is heroin for the soul.

So when it came time to make yet another new year's resolution, I decided mine would be to slow my life down.

Less Facebook.
No Maury.
More Knitting.

Sorry, Pancake. It's over.
So far, though I'm still devastated at the breakup, I'm 4 scarves in and I've managed to quit Maury and Pancake for good. Facebook, Twitter, Perez and Pinterest are a work in progress. (Baby steps, people.) Hell, who am I kidding. I've got Facebook open right now. Do they have rehab for social media addiction?


  1. I just posted this on someone else's blog too, but I feel I should brag about this as much as possible; I'm pretty much immune to Pintrest! It's a super power.


  2. I share your addiction to celeb gossip, but I prefer D-Listed over Perez. He's such a twat and I hate supporting his twattyness. (sorry if that hurts :-()

    And I think we both know that I can never quit Maury. I just can't. I've tried, but I CAN'T. His show makes me feel better about myself!

    I did quit FB though. I have one under my real identity, but I'm tired of it. Plus I don't post much interesting stuff about my life. I can do a blog post no problem, but FB. ugh.

    Love ya!

  3. Lor, I'm VERY impressed with your immunity to Pinterest. Do you have x-ray vision, too? And B, I have never HEARD of D Listed! I'd ask what the website is, but I know it will become another addiction. And don't worry, I'm not much of a perez fan myself--it's more of a habit, really.

  4. I was able to quit Maury because I moved to Korea (don't think Koreans are quite ready for the awesomeness that is Pancake), but FB. . . agh. Let me know if you figure out a way to quit it, dear. I'll send you an ass smack of congratulations and then post your achievement on my FB status >.<

  5. Haha... thanks, JK! So far, no success--but there's always tomorrow, right? :)