Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hey Santa, I want a Chia Herb Garden.

I don't know whether it was PMS or the magic that is Mariah Carey's Christmas album, but I found myself blubbering like a baby on the way home from the gym the other day. Out of sheer happiness.

Christmas makes me feel like a 12-year-old girl who just got a kiss from Justin Bieber. I wanted to jump out of the car, make a snow angel, and give Santa a run-and-jump hug at the north pole.

Our tree is decorated, I'm wearing my reindeer sweater, and I'm drinking peppermint mocha through an IV. I'm in the MOOD.

And here's my Christmas list:
- Chia Herb Garden
- Pajama Jeans
- A new hair straightener
- Chia Cat Grass
- Baby Bullet (I like it better because it has a smiley face on it.)
- The new J-Biebs Christmas album
- For Mar Car to go back on tour post-twins

Hey Santa, I'm ready when you are. But just so you know, I can do without another seasonal battle with my evil mail lady.


  1. You want the Justin Beiber Christmas album?! Well, I hope that your Christmas dreams come true. Only 12 days!

  2. I sure do! And I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit it. I'm ripping another link off of my paper chain! :)