Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fuck you, Sisqo

Dumps like a truck truck truck.
You know what? Fuck you, Sisqo. You are a rat bastard. You make one catchy song and females worldwide have to suffer the next 20 years with a strip of fabric jammed in their ass cheeks.

Why couldn't you make a song about how awesomely comfortable granny panties are? They are cottony-soft, cuddle your butt like a teddy bear, and don't cause you to lose hours of your life in the bathroom pulling your underwear out of your butt.

She had butt that was covered up up
Wedgies are gone gone gone
Baby no more whale tale tale

I challenge you, Sisqo. I'd like to see YOU wear one of those bad boys for an entire day and let us know how you're diggin it. I bet that look in your eye won't be so devilish.


  1. Fuck. Yes. You brilliant bitch.

  2. HAHA... thanks girls. Gabs, I love you already.

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