Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who's been having S in my bed?!

Listen. It's no secret that I have been knee deep in staff meetings and not cleaning my house since I got a grown up job.

But I was more than a little disgusted with myself when I only just got around to washing the sheets on the guest bed this morning. From memorial day.

I rifled through the sheets in a cleaning fury, when a crumpled jean skirt fell out of the unmade bed onto the floor.

I paused for a moment as my fury skyrocketed. What was THIS?! Who has been having adult relations in my bed?!

I grabbed the skirt and stormed downstairs to demand that K get on board the angry train with me.

LOOK AT THIS! I declared. Do you know what this is??

He stared for a minute with a confused expression, as I held up the skirt with both hands, to showcase my disgust.

The skirt was tiny. TOO tiny. Toddler tiny.

It was my 3 year old niece's skirt. (and not some skankity skank, like I'd originally thought.)

Lesson: don't jump to conclusions. Or clean your house more. One or the other.


  1. haha i would have had the same initial reaction.

  2. Ahahahahahahahahahaha, OMG. I am dying right now. DYING.

  3. HAHA... It was truly a defining moment in my angry rampage.