Tuesday, June 12, 2012

F*ck off, buddy.

I held my gaze straightforward, hands on the wheel, expression determined. A silver Volvo sped up to pass me in the left lane, and a small blue car kept pace with me on the right, clearly trying to get my attention.

Seriously? I thought. Fuck off, buddy. I LIKE driving in the middle lane, and your middle finger isn't going to ruin my Tuesday morning commute or change my driving habits.

I had cruise control on, so my speed maintained as he kept so obviously To the side of me. I grew annoyed at pretending to not see him, but i am stubborn as an ox and I wasn't giving in.

Finally, I saw him pull ahead of me, and I relaxed now that our game of chicken was over.

My passive aggressive middle finger was halfway raised when I realized it was one of my friends.

Guess maybe I should pipe down the road rage at 7:15am.


  1. LOL. Send a loving text message?

    Something similar happened to me on the way to church. I was honking and yelling at the car in front of me and, yep, it turns into church right before me. Whooops. I'll ask for forgiveness?


    1. HAHA... Lor, that's a good one, you might have me beat.

  2. 7:15? I always ended up paying extra rent to live close to work just so I never had to leave the bed before 730.

    Driving to work at 7:15? That's just inhuman.

    1. It really is. It tears the soul apart. -pgg