Monday, March 4, 2013


I'm not a mother. Not yet, anyways. Unless you count chasing three cats around the house. But when I AM a mother, you can count on me not posting obnoxious photos of my offspring on Facebook.

Yesterday, I was on the FB, perusing the goings on of people I haven't spoken to in ten years, when I came across a photo post of a friend's newly potty trained daughter... in front of a toilet.

Really? Call me a bitch, but is that totally necessary? It's cool to be proud of your kids and brag about them and post thousands of pieces of photographic evidence that you can, indeed, reproduce. But the toilet backdrop? A little much.

I think we get the jist of your parental capstones without the visuals.

I'm 29. I guess my maternal instinct should kick in at some point. But I would really like to think I'll have better sense than to post photos of my kids in the bathroom.

Okay, I said I'd LIKE TO THINK. I'm not making any promises.

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